Pluto is an anthropomorphic black cat native to the country Lythio. A nihilist with a passion for violence and chaos, Pluto initially decided to go on the quest to defeat the Tarrasque simply to test his own abilities. Notable features in his appearance include an eye patch and a white patch of fur on his chest, which glows in the presence of negative emotions, like despair or anger.

Bio Edit

Pluto was originally an ordinary anthropomorphic cat who was enlisted as a soldier during the Lythian Civil War. The opposing side, led by the magician Cyrus, was far more powerful, and easily destroyed many of Pluto's allies in battle. In an attempt to bring the war to an end, Pluto decided to take it upon himself to assassinate Cyrus.

After a long battle (during which Pluto lost his eye), Pluto suceeded in delivering a fatal wound to Cyrus. Unfortunately, this victory came at a price. With his dying words, Cyrus placed a curse on Pluto, transforming him into a creature that was neither alive nor dead, forced to wander the earth in despair for eternity. This experience changed Pluto into a life-hating psychopath, seemingly incapable of redemption or empathy.

Years later, Pluto met a man named Edgar at the Crossroads Inn who offered to hire him as a mercenary to destroy the Tarrasque. Pluto agreed, and decided to set out on the quest. Unfortunately for him, one of the other mercenaries hired by Edward was Nexia, Cyrus's daughter. Nexia's emotions appear to have a negative effect on Pluto, probably due to the cat's long-dormant sense of guilt.

Abilities Edit

Pluto's weapon of choice is a knife, which he keeps with him at all times. As an undead creature, Pluto's strength, speed, and stamina are also increased, but not to a superhuman degree. When someone nearby is experiencing strong negative emotions, Pluto is also able to feed on these feelings to become stronger. The only exception to this ability is Nexia, whose emotions actually cause Pluto to experience pain.

Trivia Edit

-Pluto's name and appearance are based on the cat named Pluto from Edgar Allan Poe's short story, The Black Cat.

-Pluto's personality and outlook on life is also inspired by the first-person protagonist from the same story.