Paladum is one of the many provinces in Erthos. Located in the southern region, Paladum is widely considered to be a single giant swamp with islands and man-made docks serving as the only suitable living space.


Paladum's climate is extremely hot and humid. Natives often wear heavy clothes when traveling else where

because the rest of Erthos is much more temperate or even freezing compared to Paladum. It has a monsoon type climate that bring extensive rains that contribute to its already large swamps.


Typical landscape of Paladum


Paladum can be considered a sub-continent that has been connected to Erthos for centuries.

Almost the entire province is a single, massive swamp. Islands of various sizes litter the murky waters and provide bug-infested, muggy, though habitable, living space. Where islands are too small or unavailable, resourceful natives resorted to building systems of docks and raising houses directly in the swamp.

In the north, there is the largest land mass in Paladum which is the edge of the swamp and connects to the rest of Erthos' other provinces.

Culture and DemographicsEdit

Paladum is lightly populated compared most of provinces. Most of the population lives on the coast of the swamp in the north. These areas are more globally connected than those who live in the swamp. The northerners are merchants and scholars by trade. Their biggest exports are antiques and poisons. Almost all scholars that emerge from Paladum are scholars of the Ancients and the antiques are artifacts of the Ancients. This is due to the fact that there ruins both on the cost and deeper into the swamp, suggesting that at one point there was more land further south. The biggest city is in the north, Kumar'Las.

Kurast Docks jigsaw

Layout of a large town in southern Paladum

The rest of the province is dotted with smaller villages who remain mostly self sufficent and trade with each other. Occasionally they interact with the more civilized north. The north is as religiously neutral as most trading areas but the rest of the province is mostly old orthadox worship that centers around the Four and combination of Ancient customs that have mostly died out elsewhere. Some villages in the far south speak the Ancient Tongue exclusively. These people are very superstious and prefer to be left to their own ways.