Minus the hat. He doesn't have the hat.

A young elf from an unknown area of Erthos were rivers are abundant. Mark Hayzz is the foothold of the water god. Mark carries the appearance of a seventeen year-old, but is much older. He joined the group at the Crossroads Inn to keep an eye on Dux and Attona.



Mark was born in an elvan villange in the western part of Erthos, and it is unknown how many siblings he hand, if any.. The name of this village is unknown, as is it's exact location. Mark lived in this village for some time, and learned how to live off of the rivers. He learned about the plant life that grows there from his mother and Grandmothers, and learned how to fish and preform other tasks requiring physical labor from his father and grandfathers.

Soul MatesEdit

At the age of 203, Mark met a young elvan woman of about his age. The two talked to each other for a while and became fast friends. After this they did nearly everything together, from collecting herbs for the elders, to fishing for their food. They were inseperable. Soon their friendship began to escalate. At first niether noticed, but after a while they relised that they had allowed themselves to fall in love with eahc other. Their parents were thrilled with this revelation, and immediatly insisted on the two becomeing married. Mark and she thought over it, and finally they decided that they would.


Two months after their decision to be married, on the night before the wedding, Mark and his beloved were in their village;s only Garden. A beautiful place full of flowers and bushes, with paths through which to walk and a Fountain of water at the center. Near it was a large house where a party was being held to celebrate the events of the next day. The two had gone there to calm their nerves, as the day was fast approching. As they sat in the garden lit by the full moon and the brightbells, a florecent flower, music could be heard form the house behind them. A sad tune began to play, likely a waltz of some kind, and Mark pulled the girl to her feet. Knowing his plan, she stood up quickly and placed one hand on his side, and the other in his hand. He did the same.

The two proceeded to dance in slow circles with the music, and were happy. However, it was then that tragedy stuck. A dart came from the bushes, coated in poison from the Phoenixian Lilac. It struck the young woman in her side, killing her within ten seconds. hours later, a group from the village sent to find the two would find mark crying on top of the young woman's body, still as beautiful as it was before...

New LifeEdit

It would have taken many years for the young man to recover had it not been for the intervention of a God. The Water god had been looking for a foothold for quite some time, and had been eyeing Mark for a short while. Seeing his sadness, the god immediatly made his decision, and appeared before Mark in his dreams a year after the occurence. "Mark Hayzz, Member of the race of elves, I am one of the four, he who governs the waters of this world. I have chosen you to become my foothold here in this world, will you accept this badge of honer?"

Mark was taken aback, ho could he turn down an offer from one of the four? He was tempted greatly to say no, his sadness aside, he didn't think he was ready for such a responsability. However, if he wasn't, why would the god have chosen him? As such, Mark simply said, "I accept." No great thank you's or anything of the sort. He knew this was an honer, and he knew that hte god would know that he thought that.

The next day, Mark woke up to a brighter world. He packed a quilt and a burlap feather pillow into a small travel pack, and said goodbye to his family, stating that he needed to leave the vilage. It would be a long time before he was able to leave, but when he did he knew that he had begun a new life...

Powers an AbilitiesEdit

Mark, being a foothold of the gods, has hightened physical abilities to help him survive in the cruel world. He moves slightly faster than a normal human, and is slightly stonger as wel. He can jump slightly higher, and is slightly more durable. Above all, however, are his powers.

Control of WaterEdit

As the foothold of the Water god, Mark is able to freely control Water and it's related elements, most often Ice and mist. By bending these things to his will, Mark is able to do many things. He is still rahter young, however, and cannot control his abilities to their full extend yet.


As a side ability, Mark is able to freely "Meld" himself with Water and it's related elements. Literally become water itself. using this he is able ot move from one area of a large body of water to another in an instant. although keeping the form and returning to his humanoid form take almost no effort, actually melding with the water drain Mark's energy substantially.

Mercury, Sword of the Water God.Edit

Mark's weapon, Mercury, while not a "power", does hold powers of it's own. Upon releasing these powers it shifts from being a Katana to being a rather large, six foot long trident from tip to tip. At hte bottom of it there is a thin, consh-shaped spearpoint, and near the top, just below the actual trident part, is a red cloth that appeares almost like a scarf.

Personality and RelationshipsEdit

Throught High Fantasy, frost has shown himself to be rather mysterious. He is silent a large portion of the time, and has often been shown to be cold to those around him. Those around him would likely assume that he thinks he's better than everyone else, but this isn't true. In fact, he's quite a humble person when he wants to be. His tone, however, and his choice of words often lead people to believe otherwise. He's an intelligent person, which he has shown many times, and often will over-think some things. While this can lead him to ignore smaller details, so far he has managed to pay attention to everything.

Mark has not formed friendships with anyone in the group, and held great malice towards Attona before the events in the sentinal's forest(afterwords, however, he felt pity for her). He has kept an eye on Dux, and seems to get along with him. He almost immediatly disliked the captian form the get-go. He holds nutrality towards the others, however.


  • Being a elf, Mark looks much younger than he really is. In fact, he is as of this moment around 458 years old.