Kumar'Las is the both the biggest city in Paladum and the capitol. Kumar'Las dwarfs every other city in Paladum in size by at least 5 fold. It is primarily a trading post where outsiders can trade to acquie goods from the swamps. Likewise, the southern villages, where most of the goods (such as Sething Poison) is harvested, trade for products from elsewhere in Erthos. Kumar'Las also has a lucrative artifact market in which adventurers search the swamps for buried artifacts from the time of the Ancients.

Just south in the Las Bay, which is considered inside city limits, is the Kumar Temple. The Kumar Temple is only temple in all of Paladum that is dedicated to The Four. It was originally constructed to pay homage to Kumar, a swamp demi-god that was worshiped by natives but with the acceptance of the Four in Paladum it was converted. Some conservative natives in the south still resent the conversion. The Temple also doubles as a university where one may learn about the Ancients, in particular, the Ancient Tongue.