The Entity GEdit

G is the self-proclaimed title or name of the entity sealed within the abomination, Dux. G emerged after Dux had attempted to use the lesser cleansing spirits to remove the entity from himself a nearby shrine. Unknown factors caused the ritual to fail. What emerged from the scene was G. Flesh and blood of Dux but the mind of the entity within. G has offered to assist the group in defeating the Tarrasque and in return they would aid him in defeating the 79 Larvae. He claims because the world will be a better place without them but it is no secret that he has other intentions as well. G has hinted that time is his enemy and that he does not have much of it. Why has yet to be seen.

"Hen-ra shi-tar..."
"Hen-ra shi-tar..."
"Hen-ra shi-tar..."
"Hen-ra shi-tar...Hen-ra shi-tar...Hen-ra shi-tar...Hen-ra shi-tar...Cry-tal re-tun
Ancient Ones come forth and abide your faithful one.

Command with your almighty power that this evil be undone.

For every hour beneath the moon this chant does last,

Send the abomination to the Inferno's cleansing blast.

Only through the intervention of you, the most holy Four..."

"HAHAHAHAHA For that you'll have to do more!"

~The chant that brought G forth and his first words (underlined)Edit