The birthmark around Dux's left eye.

"Dux Obscrui Mortis Qui Mutabit Omnem Ad Tumultum est" were the first words uttered upon seeing a new born baby and his horrific birthmark around his left eye. The title roughly translates to "he is the Leader of the Dark Annihilation who will change everything into chaos" in the Ancient Tongue. This baby was born an abomination and grew up to be a man hated by his own village. Later he would take the name Dux, a shortened version of his title, so that his fellow adventurers with whom he was traveling with could easily address him. His true adventure began upon meeting Edgar at the Crossroads Inn.

Early Life: 1-21Edit

Immediatly upon being old enough to survive without help the young man, Dux, was isolated by everyone in his village. He lived in the village of Umidom, a small village in the heart of the swamp in the province of Paladum in southern Erthos. The only thing Dux had in common with his fellow villagers was that fact that he was taught to speak in the ancient tongue. He spent the first twenty-one years of life knowing only the specialized priests who job was to take care of abominations. Everyday he trained to resist the entity within him and reminded that he was an unholy being and a danger to the world.

On his 21st birthday it was decided that it was time that he was escourted to a shrine in northern Erthos to be ritually sacrificed to destroy the evil inside him. Not too long after leaving Kumar'Las, Dux accidently killed his entire caravan and began to roam free and confused in Erthos.

Formation of a Man: (21-23)Edit

For the next two years Dux, who at this point still lacked a name, traveled across Erthos struggling with his predicament. Should he continue the journey to the north and purge the evil? Or, was there no evil at all and he simply needed to understand what he was? During this time he studied the runes that were associated with the Ancients. Seeing one rune that was supposedly able to seal evil power away, he branded himself the seal behind his right ear and hoped he would become normal, his powers remained.

During the first year of his travels the man met a old Geomancer named Caesar (Kisar) who taught him the modern dialect and common manners and customs. Dux remained in Caesar's company for about a year learning all that he could. However, the old Geomancer was unable to give the man a purpose nor a name, thus the man set out once more.

When he was 23 he met another group of adventurers, among them a young and very skilled Necromancer. The man felt a companionship with the Necromancer, as both wielded powers often considered evil. The man traveled with the group for several months and each day the Necromancer encouraged the man to practice and hone his skills with his power. The Necromancer also gave the man a name, it was the same title he had been cursed with. The Necromancer thought that the man should abandon his journey to the shrine and instead accept his powers and forge his own path. The man felt great compassion for the Necromancer but one morning the man awoke from a horrible nightmare he could not remember, and to his horror everything was gone. The group, the camp, the supplies and the Necromancer were all completely gone. Not knowing what to do the man simply continued his journey where he left off. Undecided in what his fate should be.

The Crossroads Inn and the birth of Dux: 23+Edit

Only a few weeks after the disappearance of his company the man arrived at the Crossroads Inn. There, in a pathetic attempt at boldness the man stumbled into Mark, the foothold of one of The Four. Intriqued by his ability to speak the ancient tongue he stayed long enough to also meet Attona. Upon meeting these two a fight broke out between them and some ruffians causing the man to experiance pure chaos, an emotion he loved. Excited by the new aura of chaos the man accepted Edgar's offer to hunt the Tarrasque in hopes that the feeling may return during the adventure. This was when the man presented the name Dux so that his new companions would have something to call him.


Dux has access to a number of abilities due to him being an abomination. These powers most likely stem from the entity within and Dux has little skill with them. He is still learning what they are.

Chaotic PowersEdit

Dux has access to powers of chaos. He feeds off the chaos in the enviroment whether it comes from confusement or pain from the enemy. When someone experiances pain, a certain kind of confusement grows in their mind. Dux can feed off this chaos to heal a small portion of health, stamina and energy. The victim must be close to death and Dux's feeding always results in killing the victim.

Dux can also provide a similar but more benifical tactic to allies. Instead of consuming the chaos he can transfer it to himself. This effectively eases the pain on one individual as he takes the pain for them. This is most benifical as Dux can force an enemy to experiance the same pain that Dux himself is currently experiancing.

Ethereal PowersEdit

Dux also has a limited access to ethereal powers. For now he can detect disturbances of the energy but in times of dire he has shown to also be able to project a kind of shield around allies that transfers damage to him instead of the ally. With training Dux could use his ethereal powers to form different kinds of connections between allies, enemies and even both.


Nearly all of Dux's abilities are actually abilities of the entity sealed within him. Thus the more he uses them, the more influence the entity gains. The continued use of his powers will eventually result in the entity consuming him and become a fully transformed abomination in which the original Dux will be gone forever.


-Dux, the shorted version of the man's title translates into "Leader" in the Ancient Tongue, though he not the leader of the group

-Used to speaking the Ancient Tongue, Dux often leaves out articles since there are none in the Ancient Tongue.

-Dux has a total of three scars/markings on him. His birthmark around his left eye, the "sealing" rune he carved behind his right and a symmetrical series of six scars on his back that are equidistant from each other forming the six points of a hexagon (there are no connecting lines though)

-Dux is used to a very humid and hot enviroment, thus he wears sweat pants and long sleeve chain mail to keep warm.

-Dux's chainmail is very old and fairly rare. The metal is a dull white and shimars with infused diamonds for extra strength.

-There are six repair marks on the back of Dux's mail almost in the same locations as his scars.