Cap’n was born into the largest tribe of the Ancient Elvaans, with the name Gry’ni Uther. His parents were high up in the office of the Chancellery. When war between the Ancients broke out, Gry’ni was sent to a local inn to be kept out of harm’s way. When the war was over, Gry’ni returned to his home, to find that it was destroyed and everyone was dead.

He returned to the inn, and a pirate crew happened to be in that night. He convinced the captain to let him on board. He was started off as a swabbie. On the seas, Gry’ni found that he had amazing powers. Whenever he’d be singing a shanty, odd things would happen. Eventually, he learned of his Elvaan magic, and used it to his advantage. He worked his way up the ranks, until he was named First Mate.

One night, the Captain had been on the bottle and accused Gry’ni of stealing some loot. Before Gry’ni could even react, the Captain’s sword was in the air, slicing through the left side of Gry’ni’s face. He fell to the deck in pain, but knew that the Captain was going to kill him. He stood back up, and after a long battle, Gry’ni killed the captain. To make sure that he had the loyalty of the crew, he split up the former Captain’s treasure, taking none for himself. After that day, he no longer answered to his birth name, only to Cap’n.

He went ashore, and gave the crew a leave of absence, but told them that when he called, they were to report immediately. He then went to the local tavern to see what his next move was. There, he found the most beautiful woman he had seen. Her name was Brana, and she was of a tribe not unlike his. However, her tribe had adapted to the new modern world, losing their ancient magic and gaining a faster reaction time. The two fell in love, and soon had children of their own. He moved in to her village. Their King, seeing that Cap’n was one of their ancestors, gave up his crown. Things went well for a few years. One day, while Cap’n was away on a diplomatic trip, the Goddess of Death descended upon his village, once again destroying everyone he loved.

He called upon his crew again, and left on the seas. The kind, gentle Captain they knew was gone. Now he was bloodthirsty, and vengeful. They grew to be the most violent and feared ship in the waters. No navy could stop them. His crew would later recount that they were sure that he was trying to get himself killed, but it never worked.